The Secret History of Proto-Fascism
in America's Greatest Little City

"The secret history of LaGrange is mind-blowing"
- Amazon.com review

"[It] will shine a light down a hole you may not have realized existed."
- Target Audience Magazine

"The book does indeed cover a series of events, championed by the fascist governments of the era, that fit the textbook definition of fascism."
- Amazon.com review

"This thoroughly researched and well-written account of exploitation, intimidation and ultimate brutality illustrates a clear and chronic example of how the infamous one percent exert control over the rest of us."
- Amazon.com review

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From the back cover:

LaGrange, GA - 1935 - Three little boys sit on the curb, sad, confused, wondering where they will sleep tonight. All of their worldly possessions lie strewn about on the sidewalk. Georgia National Guardsmen have just evicted the boys' families from their mill-owned homes. When Callaway Mills employees went on strike, Governor Talmadge declared martial law in LaGrange. Soldiers patrol the streets and tell neighbors not to talk to one another -- and they mean business. A large machine gun sits in the middle of the mill village, at the front gate of Unity Mill.

A few blocks away, on Park Avenue, a fight breaks out between soldiers and mill workers. After the soldiers deliver a fatal blow to the head of a WWI veteran, they arrest the others and transport them to a military internment camp in Atlanta. Meanwhile, in Germany, Nazi newspapers celebrate the Georgia state militia's successful union busting, calling it a sign of fascism's coming global triumph.

This book is not a work of fiction. It is the secret history of proto-fascism in America's greatest little city.

Informed by research in social psychology, Legacy examines corporate-funded racism, sexism, fundamentalism, and authoritarianism in LaGrange, GA, and ultimately critiques the corporate threat to democracy at the municipal level.

Cover Photo Credit: Nix-Price Collection, Troup County Archives (1935).